Igor Kononenko

About Igor Kononenko

Igor Kononenko – Ukrainian businessman, philanthropist, former politician, People’s Deputy of the VIII convocation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, First Deputy Chairman of “Petro Poroshenko Bloc” (2014–2019).

While working as a deputy, Igor Kononenko was engaged in decentralization reform. This policy is based on the provisions of the European Charter of Local Self-Government and the most effective world standards of public relations in this area.

Kononenko’s legislative initiatives:

615-VIII on Amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Housing and Communal Services” regarding the proper socio-economic protection of participants in the anti-terrorist operation and their families (on the fair provision of subsidies);

834-VIII. The law defines the legal, economic, organizational principles of state registration of property and other rights, and their encumbrances and aims to ensure the recognition and protection of these rights by the state, creating conditions for the real estate market;

1762-VIII “On sources of financing the road industry of Ukraine” to improve the mechanism of financing the road sector;

1763-VIII on Amendments to the Budget Code of Ukraine to improve the mechanism of financing the road sector;

2304-VIII on Amendments to several legislative acts of Ukraine in the field of highways construction and operation;

834-VIII, 1762-VIII, 2304-VIII define the features of public roads of state importance construction and operation on the terms of the concession.

Among Igor Kononenko’s business assets is PJSC “Closed Non-Diversified Corporate Investment Fund “VIK”. Kononenko is a shareholder of JSC “International Investment Bank” and the founder of International Tennis Academy (Kyiv).

Igor Kononenko is the founder of CO “Charitable Fund of Igor Kononenko”, which is run by his wife Liliya Kononenko.

About Igor Kononenko

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