In 2018 Igor Kononenko founded CO “Charitable Fund of Igor Kononenko”, which is run by his wife Liliya Kononenko.

According to the results of its activities for 2018, the Fund donated UAH 444 000 to charity initiatives. 

Among them – the purchase and equipment of transport for Vasylkiv district council, inclusive resource center, equipment for the state fire and rescue team of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. The Fund donated money to the charity organization All-Ukrainian Foundation “Territory of Good”, which provides support to the military in the east of Ukraine.

According to the results of its activities for 2019, the Fund donated UAH 756 000 for charity initiatives. Among them –the purchase of equipment for Obukhiv Central District Hospital, financing the initiatives of the CO “In Child’s Palms” and International Charitable Foundation “MANUS DEI”, All-Ukrainian Foundation “Territory of Good”, the Organization of War Veterans, Veterans of Labor and Military Service of Ukrainka.

According to the results of its activities for 2020, the Fund allocated UAH 5,7 million to help medical institutions fight against Covid-19. The Fund financed the purchase of modern medical equipment, namely pulse oximeters and medical equipment for Vasylkiv District Hospital. 6 CWH-310 ventilators (can be used even for babies), 13 OLV-10 oxygen concentrators, 10 portable pulse oximeters and other important equipment for Obukhiv District Hospital. 

Also they equipment for Piskivsky Center for Medical and Sanitary Care was provided.

Ігор Кононенко